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🔝 Apps to Help You Build Good Habits and Avoid bad ones 🚀

List of apps that can prevent you from self-sabotaging during your path of achievement. 🧠 Self-discipline is hard to develop, so you may need some extra help if you're aiming to achieve something outstanding. No matter how ambitious your goal is — reading at least one book a month, regularly practicing a foreign language, or just doing sports daily — sometimes it's a helpful tool that can be a dealbreaker. 🏆

How To Become a Real-Life Adult

A Real-Life Adult 🍼🔸 Becoming one NOW 🔸

The day, especially the weekend, is all about going wild. 💃🏻 Let's think a bit about the ocean of freedom and possibilities as a college student🍻
You can do all you want, but maybe it is time to grow up and see things differently. 
🔹 See Life as an Adult
The first step on your list of how to be an adult should be your perception. You need to put your life on pause and look back. Reflecting on every past decision will help you find a good enough reason to improve your mindset. You will learn a lot and will try to see life as a mature grown-up.